A Little Known Financial Resource for Veterans

Is your parent or loved one a veteran?  Do they require daily assistance?  They might qualify for significant financial benefits from VA Aid and Attendance.

Unfortunately, many folks are unaware of the benefits available to veterans and surviving spouses.  My family and I certainly were while taking care of my father, a Navy veteran from WWII, living with lung cancer.  Your parent might be eligible for up to $1644/month, while a surviving spouse of a veteran might be eligible for up to $1057/month.  A married couple might be eligible for up to $1950/month.

These benefits apply to veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication monitoring, or other various activities of daily living; it is available to individuals who reside in assisted living communities, personal care homes, skilled nursing facilities, and those receiving personal in-home care.  The Veteran or surviving spouse must also have an income below a certain level, with assets no more than $80,000, but both of these are subject to certain qualifications.

Find the application here and visit www.veteransfinancial.com for more information on eligibility.

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4 thoughts on “A Little Known Financial Resource for Veterans

  1. Liz Watson on said:

    It’s frustrating that it is so difficult to find helpful programs like the veteran’s benefit. Why isn’t there a more efficient marketplace for social services? People ask questions for years and still miss services that could help them. Is it simply because people who go into social services lack business sense? Or is that the nature of government programs?

  2. jsimpson on said:

    Your question gets to the heart of the problem. The information exists (just google “aging parents” and find 2.2million websites) but there is no single source that gives YOU or your parents the information you need when you need it. I’m hopeful this blog will become part of the solution, a place where people can post a question or ask for help and receive immediate, useful, inexpensive, and actionable information.

  3. Can I repost this on my web log? I’m going to leave you a back-link. Let me know, bless you!

  4. jsimpson on said:

    Of course!

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