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Like you, I read a lot of material about healthy aging, and it’s often hard to sort out the good from the bad.  I’ve found Consumer Reports “On Health,” a 12-page monthly newsletter, to be one of the most informative quick reads, addressing a broad range of health-related issues.  “On Health” offers practical, trustworthy, and generally unbiased advice on a wide variety of topics, often aging-related, that doesn’t have the feel of an old person’s magazine.  It’s colorful, engaging, and easy to read, and at $24.00 a year (12-issues) it might make a fantastic and inexpensive gift for your aging parent. (I should mention that I have no financial arrangement with Consumer Reports and offer this idea simply as one who reads the magazine and finds its content useful.)

A recent issue, for instance, discussed specific foods to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and cognitive decline while boosting immune function.  It offered tips on sleeping better and reducing anxiety, alongside articles about prescriptions that put on the pounds, how to manage a bloody nose, and how to treat and prevent food poisoning.  The previous month I learned about anti-aging head to toe, how to monitor one’s blood thinner at home, and how to treat varicose veins.  Visit the Consumer Reports “On Health” website for more information.

Do you have a favorite magazine or newsletter that focuses on issues related to healthy aging?

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  1. Don Kuerbis on said:

    How can I subscribe for this letter for my Grandson?
    I will look on mine later and see how to do

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