Is your Teenager Turning 18? Protect Their Health

by Janet Simpson Benvenuti

Do you have a niece or nephew, child or grandchild turning 18 this year? Be sure to have them sign a HIPAA Authorization Form before leaving home for college. Many parents of college-aged students are surprised to learn that they can not access their teenager’s medical information without their explicit permission, a right to privacy embedded in HIPAA legislation. Some parents discover they’ve been denied access in the middle of a medical or mental health crisis, a situation easily avoided by having your teenager sign a permission slip called a HIPAA Authorization Form on their 18th birthday. This form, which takes only a minute to complete, does not require an attorney nor notarization.

Listen to my video and request your free copy of the form, with easy instructions, by simply replying to this blog post or emailing with HIPAA in the subject line. Make this task a priority, on top of your “to-do” list, ahead of finding the twin-extra long sheets for dorm beds.

Please share this message with friends and family who have teenagers. Don’t let them leave for college without signing this document. Here’s why from Consumer Reports.

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1 thought on “Is your Teenager Turning 18? Protect Their Health

  1. This is the most important form college parents have never heard about! Our company has an app that students can use to create and sign their HIPAA authorization right on their smartphone.

    We charge $4.99 for the app, parents can pay online and we send link to the student. There are 2 benefits to this process: it’s simple to fill out the form on a phone so a young adult is more likely to actually do it! Also, we generate their form (with signature) into PDF format and email a copy to the student, and one their parent if they so wish.

    In an emergency, parents don’t always know where their adult child may have been taken for treatment. Having the form as a PDF file, parents can email it quickly anywhere at anytime.

    I would like to speak with you about including a link to this excellent video in one of our Facebook ads. You can visit our website

    Thanks !

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